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Health & Wellness Programmes

Health & Wellness Programmes in Thailand



A form of physical therapy, myotherapy focuses on assessing, treating and managing the pain linked with soft tissue injury and restricted joint mobility. Through a course of one to three myotherapy sessions, massage techniques like stretching cupping will be used to alleviate the pain.



A combination of physical workouts, mental meditation and breathing methods, yoga has various health benefits. It strengthens the muscles, improves flexibility, reduces stress, prevents chronic pain, and develops a better lifestyle. Thailand has the best sanctuaries for yoga. You can visit numerous yoga studios in Bangkok and Chiang Mai or you can bring your yoga mats to their beautiful islands such as Koh Samui, Koh Lanta and Koh Phangan.



Pilates promotes balance between the body, mind and spirit. It lets you have the control you need for your body to move correctly, preventing body pain and improving mental health. With proper breathing, control, concentration and balance, excessive tensions are released from the body, stimulating easy flow in movement for better everyday living. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, there are programs specifically designed for your body’s needs.



Experience peace of mind through meditation. This practice requires strong focus – upon an object, a sound, or any visualization, in order to increase one’s awareness of the present moment. Research suggests that meditation techniques can lead to lower healthcare costs. Regular meditation helps in improving one’s personal and spiritual growth, promotes emotional stability and enhances self-awareness; it helps individuals understand their own thoughts, feelings and actions. There are travel agencies who offer meditation retreats in Thailand. Embark on a serene experience with the country’s most beautiful nature and quiet places.


With the use of a specially designed heated pool, this aquatic therapy is known to treat a variety of health conditions such as sports injuries, arthritis, hip and knee replacements, and more. It is different from swimming and water aerobics. Exercises used in Hydrotherapy are highly guided, controlled and painless; it aims for safer physical movements to achieve pain relief.


Thailand is a paradise for a wide range of massages located almost anywhere in Bangkok. Getting a massage is highly recommended as it relieves muscle pain, joint stiffness and stress. It also enhances the body’s posture, blood circulation and immune system. If you prefer deep muscle compression, the world-famous Thai Massage is the option you need; it is a combination of stretching, pulling and kneading the muscles and tissues of the body. If you fancy aromatic oils to have softer and hydrated skin, the Thai Oil Massage is your best choice; it also calms the body and rejuvenates the skin. Another massage option that can detoxify the body is the Thai Massage with Warm Herbs. It soothes muscle inflammation using a ball-shaped herbal compress steamed with different herbs such as prai, turmeric, ginger and lemongrass.